This is the basic induction melting system, consisting of a melting furnace and a power unit. If desired, the system can be upgraded to the standard two furnace system.

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Standard system consists of two furnaces and a power unit. With vecofoundry’ own transfer switches any furnace can be used for the melting process.

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Bir güç ünitesi ve 2 ocakl? sistemden olu?maktad?r. Güç ünitesi transfer ?alteri arac?l? ile istenilen oca?a ba?lan?p, ergitme i?lemi yapabilmektedir. Bu sistem arzu edildi?i taktirde Melt&Hold sistemine d?nü?ümü kolayl?kla yap?lmaktad?r.


This type of induction melting system is made up of two converters, one of which is running on full power for the melting process, while the other converter only works on ten percent for holding purposes.

After the completion of the melting process on one furnace input power shifts from melting to holding converter by triggering the transfer switches of the system. While analysis of the molten metal, material addition to the compound and casting continues, the switch allows the system to continue melting on the second furnace during this time allowing the user to save precious time.

Advantages of Melt & Hold systems:

Investment cost is much more feasible(compared to dual inverter systems)

vecofoundry constant power technology speeds up the melting by having the power at 100% at all times leading to an approximate 10% time save. In regards to this, with a six ton furnace working three shifts a day, user can collect an additional twenty tons of product compared to other melting systems.

Two independent converters increase the dependability of a system, decreases their downtime during a failure.

Specifications of the hold converter, such as the power or frequency can be adjusted to the user’s needs.


vecofoundry extended power system’s working principle is splitting the total power as intended. There are two independently working converters connected to one transformer. This means there are two rectifiers and two inverters.

Some of the points vecofoundry extended power’s superiority to other dual inverter system manufacturers are as below:

Two independent converters maximizes the safety of the workflow. In case of a failure on one of them, the other unit will allow the work to continue without an interruption with full power.

When one of the units is used as holding converter, the output power of the melting converter is not decreased. To achieve this, the input transformer is chosen with power higher than the total output expected for the whole system. The additional power is decided with respect to the user's needs. For example, if the capacity of the transformer is 20% higher than the converter, then when one is at 100% power the other converter can go up to 20% power.

Total power can be divided in any ratio and can be adjusted according to the melting processes of the user.

On the long run, another input transformer can be added to double the production capacity of the system.